Important Australian Immigration & Visa Law Updates and Changes

  • Subclass 408 Covid Visa: All visa holders with work rights can now apply for a 6-12 month visa with full work rights;
  • 482 pathway to PR for short term visa holders;
  • New Labour Agreements for Meat Process Workers + Waiters/Managers/Cooks/Chefs in fine dining restaurants.

408 Covid Visa – New Changes

The Department of Home Affairs (Immigration) have advised that as of 22 February 2022 they will provide a more flexible approach to the Subclass 408 Covid Visa. Allowing for all applicants to apply for a Subclass 408 Covid visa up to 90 days before there current visa expires, regardless of there industry/occupation.

The visa will be approved for between 6 -12 months. We further are noticing the visa is taking between 6-12 months processing, meaning applicants will obtain between 12-24 months of full work rights.

It is important note that applicants are able to use this time to increase work experience or improve there skilled or sponsored migration profile, further applicants are still able to apply for other visa’s at the end or during the processing time. 

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482 pathway to permanent residency 

According to the recent announcement by the MIgration Institute of Australia, Minister Hawke’s announcement on 25 November 2021 that enhanced visa pathways to PR would be available to existing Temporary Skill Shortage (subclass 482) visa holders in the short-term stream and legacy Temporary Work Skilled (subclass 457) visa holders who no longer meet the age requirement is currently being actioned.

The legislation to enable this is currently being developed and is expected to be introduced ‘around the middle of this year’.

The above is positive news allowing further pathways for PR for applicants who currently do not have a pathway. The specifics of the law are still not released however we encourage applicants who require more time to extend there current sponsor visa or apply for a Covid 408 visa.

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Labour Agreements – Unique Pathways for Business

Solve Migration are currently working with many employers in the meat processing, fine dining and tourism sectors to find solutions to employ, sponsor and provide a permanent pathway for applicants in lower skilled occupations. These new templates agreements provide solutions for waiters, cooks, managers, meat process workers and truck drivers for sponsorship and permanent residency as long as they work within the Fine dining, meat processing or agriculture industries. 

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