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About the Visa

After your visa has been granted, it is possible that it may be cancelled before the end of its term. If this happens to you, you can access professional legal support to help you understand your rights and navigate the next steps in your migration journey. Appealing your visa cancellation could help you stay in Australia.


eligibility requirements

In order to be eligible to make a visa refusal appeal, you must:

  • meet the requirements of your visa
  • provide proof of all relevant requirements
  • submit a written appeal soon after your visa cancellation
  • pay an appeal fee.

Application Process

In order to appeal a visa cancellation, you will need to provide documentation relating to:

  • your age and proof of identity 
  • educational background and professional skills 
  • health and character requirements
  • evidence of visa eligibility
  • information relating to reason for cancellation.

You may need to supply further documents for assessment by the Department of Home Affairs.


With this Visa


Submitting an appeal can help you explore new visa options.


An appeal can allow you to resolve visa issues that may have led to cancellation.


Appealing a visa cancellation enables you to negotiate if required.

Frequently asked questions

Can Solve Migration help with visa cancellation appeals?

Yes! The qualified legal team at Solve Migration can support you through all stages of the migration journey, including appealing your visa cancellation.

Can I submit a visa cancellation appeal myself?

If desired, you can submit a visa cancellation appeal independently. However, you will need to have a good understanding of complex Australian migration law, as a mistake could cost you your visa. If you plan to submit your own visa cancellation appeal, we recommend that you get a professional document check to endure your appeal meets all requirements. If you’d prefer to have a lawyer submit an appeal for you, contact Solve Migration for legal support.

What is the cost to appeal a visa cancellation?

The cost of your visa cancellation appeal will vary depending on the visa you previously held and the reason for its cancellation. In addition to an appeal fee, you may be required to pay other costs associated with documentation and selection criteria. 

If you need help estimating the visa cost for you and your family, please contact the skilled lawyers at Solve Migration.

How long will processing take?

Typical processing times for visa cancellation appeals will vary depending on your unique visa circumstances.

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At Solve Migration, we understand the importance of quality legal support in helping you navigate migration law and visa law concerns. Our team of qualified lawyers is proud to support clients across the country, working in line with the Immigration Act Australia.


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